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Worth knowing about Muffins

What are muffins?

Muffins are juicy little cakes made from a sponge cake mixture. A real muffin is light and moist from the inside. It is not to be mistaken for „cupcakes” which are made from a kind of biscuit dough. "English Muffins" are raised pasties, which originate from Great Britain. The manifold options offer something for EVERYONE’S taste!

When do you eat muffins?

Muffins for breakfast - in the morning with a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate
Muffins as a snack - as an in-between snack or for children as a snack during class breaks.
Muffins as a supplement - as a side or main dish for lunch (i.e. cornmeal muffins with Chili con carne)
Muffins as a desert - to enjoy by anyone with a sweet tooth
Muffins for the afternoon - in the afternoon for grown-up coffee breaks (hen party)
Muffins for child’s birthday - as a surprise for the little ones (i.e. with chocolate glaze and Smiliefaces)
Muffins as a gift - nicely packed as a small gift for friends and acquaintances
Muffins for the picnic - during the summer in the sun in a nice atmosphere

The diversity of our different breads alone makes Germans the clear and undisputed leaders in Europe when it comes to bread and baked goods.

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So why should we have Muffins in Germany? Why not?

We Germans are a nation of travel enthusiasts and countless people who have been over "the big pond" and know and love muffins, just as I did. Nowadays, muffins have become the national pastry in Canada. You can find one or more Muffin coffee shops at each street corner or in shopping centers. The muffin variety is just stupendous. In the meantime, we can no longer keep up with the recipe diversity. Muffins have enriched my life considerably. My credo is: "Do not take my word for it - try them for yourself!"

How "healthy" are muffins?

As you may know, "junk food" is very common in North America. In order to counterbalance this non-nutritious food, a "health food campaign" promoting a wholesome food diet was launched, in which muffins play an important part. The most popular variety in Canada are the "bran muffins." As you will see in the recipes, muffins are basically made from unadulterated and healthy foods, such as whole wheat flour, brown sugar or honey, oil or butter, buttermilk or yogurt, all sorts of vegetables, fruit and fruit varieties, from nuts and spices of all kinds. As a result, they can be quite filling if made with granola, for example. Muffins can be very healthy and good! Muffins are as healthy as you want them to be. If you want to use only wholesome food products, such as whole wheat flour, cream of tartar baking powder, raw cane sugar, bourbon vanilla sugar, etc., then muffins are your choice of wholesome food products.

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The origin of muffins / where do muffins come from?

Muffins originally come from England. The term "muffin" appeared for the first time in 1851 in a British magazine, the "London Labour". However, this kind of muffin was a sweet yeast-based pastry product that is different than from what we know today. The "muffin man", a kind of tradesman who purchased muffins for resale from the local baker in the mornings and early afternoons already existed in the last century. With his bell he praised the freshly fragrant pastry to the tea-loving British. His distinctive characteristic was that he carried his sales tray on his head. In Victorian England, muffins were already one of the most popular national pastries.

How did muffins come to North America?

With the stream of emigrants from Europe, muffins also found their new home in the land of boundless opportunities. How did the transition from a yeast pastry to a simple batter biscuit come about? This question remains unanswered, but there might be a plausible explanation: Could it be that the first American pioneers did not have yeast at their disposal?! The USA and Canada are fast moving countries. American housewives do not like to spend endless hours in the kitchen - everything has to be done quickly. Therefore, muffins are a kind of fast-food pastry.

How do you bake muffins?

Baking muffins is as easy as pie! The basic batter is made in 10 to 15 minutes. The baking time is between 20 and 25 minutes. More information is provided on the following pages.

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Have fun baking. Hope you have a big appetite.

Yours Miss Muffin ®